01 – Titre EN

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03 – About EN

“Egz” is the unexpected mix between a platformer and a mini golf game. Lead the Egz so they can reach a safe place to live. The catch ? The Egz are only able to jump, bounce, roll…

“Egz” is a mobile game,
designed for iOS and Android with a release planned for early 2016.

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02 – Trailer



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Get the soundtrack !

04 – Features EN

Easy to play : aim & jump!
Take pictures of your Egz and share them!
Take care of your Egz
80 level to beat!
3 mini-games to play with your Egz!
… and don’t break your Egz!

05 – Gallery


06 – Soundtrack EN

Benoît Nass, singer and founder of the band LAGO, has composed the soundtrack of Egz : more than ten joyful and catchy tracks to listen to while jumping with your Egz.

Come back later to listen and who knows, maybe you’ll even dance a little bit!


06 – Blog EN

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